Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Stoke Greens elect a new Chair to at an exciting and challenging time.

At their monthly business meeting held at Hanley Fire Station last night North Staffs Green Party elected a new Chair and announced a number of key campaign priorities.

The change of Chair was brought about by the, work related, departure of Matt Maddocks who previously held the post.

Members elected Debbie Grainger to be the new Chair, she said that she was looking forward to taking over as Chair at what was an exciting and challenging time as the party looks to build on its strong performance in the recent elections.

Branch member and Keele student Andrea Grainger is to stand as a candidate to be the West Midlands delegate to the Green Party's regional committee.

Members also discussed plans for future campaigns. The party will be contesting seats in the Newcastle borough and Staffordshire County Council elections.

Party members will also be campaigning in the upcoming referendum of the UK's membership of the European Union and supporting the Green Party candidate in the London mayoral election.

Local Green Party members will also be organising a regular social event at the KPA Clubhouse on the campus of Keele University beginning in August.

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