Friday, 19 June 2015

Local Green activists to join anti-austerity march in London.

Members of North Staffs Green Party will be joining over 50,000 trades unionists and anti austerity campaigners in a march through London tomorrow.

The Green Party is committed to working for a fairer society, creating a sustainable economy, ending austerity and restoring public services.

A spokesperson for the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity who are coordinating the march said: "June 20th will be an almighty show of strength. Everyone is welcome, and as always, it will be a family friendly event. The People's Assembly have secured an accessible route for the march, with both first aiders and trained stewards supervising and spread throughout the entire demonstration. Last year we saw 50,000 people from every section of society, young and old, march from the BBC to Parliament Square. This year, we aim to double those numbers, and with all our voices, send a clear and simple message to the new government: End Austerity Now!"

Party leader Natalie Bennett said that there had been “a huge upsurge in activism since the General Election on May 7th 2015. June 20th is the chance to bring that all together, to demonstrate on the streets the determination to get real change in Britain."

Natalie Bennett will be joined on the march by other senior party figures, each of whom has spoken about the importance of protesting against further austerity.

Sharar Ali, a deputy leader of the Green Party said:"Politics is about nothing if not about helping and protecting the most vulnerable in society. Not content to diminish the lives of the poorest in society, this government wants to widen inequality and deepen poverty still further. The Green Party will fight for the right of everybody to a decent quality of life."

Amelia Womack, also a deputy leader said:"This election proved that austerity isn't inevitable and that alternatives are possible. With an austerity government, we now need to come together across parties to show that we can influence politics from outside of Parliament as well as inside it. I'll be marching in the Green Bloc to fight for a fairer future for everyone."

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion and the party's economics spokesperson said that the march was important because:"Voting for what you believe in isn't always enough - sometimes you have to take to the streets too."

A spokesperson for North Staffs Green Party said: “As a party we are committed to fighting the damaging and short sighted austerity measures put forward by the government, “adding that “since 2010 cuts to benefits and public services have had a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable members of society, something we see evidence of on the streets of cities like Stoke-on-Trent every day.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the party would be “keeping the spirit of the march alive long after the event by asking tough questions of local politicians about how they are going to deal with the consequences of further spending cuts.”

The Green Bloc contingent of the march will be assembling at Cornhill (Royal Exchange) at 11.30.


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