Friday, 17 February 2017

Greens send Ukip packing in Forest of Dean by election.

The Green party has won its second council seat in the space of a month, this time in the Forest of Dean.

This follows on from the party’s success in the contest held in Knowsley.

In the Forest of Dean, contest a campaign run by a team of Green Party member who only met for the first time six months ago increased the party’s vote by 30%.

The Ukip vote meanwhile collapsed, party Elections Coordinator Judy Maciejowska said this showed ‘the country is looking to the Greens as a force for good.’

She added that ‘with a determined organization the politics of hope can defeat the politics of hate. We can reach people without resorting to division and fear. We win when we come together, put in the work, and believe in our vision for a better future.’

Winning candidate Sid Phelps, speaking to the Independent, said, “We really, really worked hard. We spoke to a lot of people and had a very simple campaign message."

Party leader Caroline Lucas, also speaking to the Independent said, “This was a resounding victory for the Green Party and a major setback for Ukip.”

Adding, “When people vote Green they know they get representatives who work tirelessly for their communities and committed to protecting local services and the environment.”

As the by-elections in Stoke Central and Copeland enter their final phase this is win is a huge boost to their profile and shows the party is building a solid base of support around the country.

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