Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Strong results for the Green Party across the Midlands.

Green Party candidates across West Midlands recorded strong results in the local elections last week, further raising the party's profile in the region.

In the May Bank seat in Newcastle-under-Lyme Sean Adam gained 20% more votes than the last time the war was contested finishing fourth with 109 votes. Party colleagues Verity Venter ( Loggerheads and Whitmore) and Gordon Pearson (Westlands) also achieved good results, polling 129 and 51 votes respectively.

Speaking about the campaign Mr Adam said the party had 'produced a strong performance with limited resources' and had demonstrated once again their 'genuine commitment to engaging with local people on the issues that matter to them.'

The party would now, he said, be 'looking at what we have learnt from the campaign and putting together a strategy that will see us do even better next time.'

Party Coordinator Jan Zablocki said that the party would be working hard to address local issues such as residents opposition to development in Lightwood and protecting Weston Coyney Country Park.

They would also, he said, be raising national and international issues relating to the environment that have been highlighted as concerns by voters.

As an example he cited the bush fires that recently destroyed the Canadian town of Fort McMurray and the possible link between this event and climate change. The party will also be continuing to campaign against the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Elsewhere across the region the Green Party won its first seat on Cannock Chase District Council, taken by Paul Woodhead. In Solihull the party won four seats with Chris Williams gaining 75% of the votes case in Chelmsley Wood.

The Greens also contributed to the Conservatives losing control of Worcester City Council and now hold the balance of power in the city.

The party has its highest ever number of councillors in the region with twenty seven sitting on eleven councils across the West Midlands.

In the Police and Crime Commissioner elections John Raine achieved 7.4% of the vote in West Mercia and Paul Woodhead gained 3.7% in Staffordshire, raising the party's profile in both counties.

Although membership numbers have dipped slightly since the 'Green surge' before the 2015 general election the party has positive plans for campaigning activity across the city and, says Jan Zablocki believes it is winning the argument when it comes to persuading voters to change their habits.

Although it may be a 'long process' he says 'local, national and global events over the next few years will show that Green politics are the politics of the future.'

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