Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ours will be a campaign about social issues not personalities says Green PCC hopeful.

Speaking at a meeting of North Staffs Green Party last night Paul Woodhead, the party's candidate in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections said he wanted to make his campaign about 'social justice and not the politics of personalities.'

The meeting took place at the New Vic theatre in Basford and was attended by party members from across the city.

Mr Woodhead spoke about the priorities that he says will guide his campaign for the election set to take place in May.

He wanted, he said, to be a commissioner who focussed strongly on social issues and who used his position to ensure the police were 'given the tools they need to do their job.'

It is also his intention to make the role more accountable to the public and to the officers who deliver front-line policing on the county's streets.

He criticised some of the decisions made by incumbent Matthew Ellis, including spending money refurbishing his office at a time when funding for policing is being cut.

Speaking about funding for the police Mr Woodhead said that it was worrying that the police have been hit by government austerity measures.

This point was amplified by several questions from the floor about the impact on local community of increased homelessness and the possible risk of terrorist attacks.

Mr Woodhead also answered a question on the ongoing debate over the county flag and the role to be taken by the public in choosing the version to be used saying, “It is a really positive outcome that the people of Staffordshire get to decide our flag and not just a few councillors. We encourage everyone get involved to vote and decide our flag, it should be the people’s choice.'

Although the Green Party did not support the creation of Police and Crime Commissioners Mr Woodhead said that it was important to contest the election in order to give voters an alternative to the two main parties.

He would, he said, be spending the next eight weeks travelling around the county meeting people and listening to their concerns.

Cannock Chase Green Party has created Facebook and Twitter accounts supporting his campaign and Mr Woodhead will be attending a number of hustings events around the county.


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