Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Local camera club exhibition shows focus on images that rival the professionals.

This pleasing exhibition belongs to the so small you could miss it category. Not due to the quality of the content, but thanks to it having been poorly sited just inside the entrance of Hanley Central Library.

It is though more than worth the awkwardness involved in squeezing around to see them to appreciate photographs that compare favourably to the work of professional shutter-bugs.

On display is work by members of Willfield Camera Club, a local group based that describes itself as a 'friendly club' with members of all ages and abilities.

To the current exhibition Kari Limond contributes an accomplished picture of a sunset over Westport Lake, equally atmospheric is Shawn Balleau's black and white shot of Perch Beach lighthouse, capturing as it does the loneliness of the setting and the starkness of the landscape.

Chris Hulme's aerial photographs contribute a dash of action, the best if these being 'Typhoon Pulling G's' and Tony Finney's 'The Tool-shed' brings a touch of social realism.

If asked to pick a favourite, not an easy request given the high quality of the contributions, I would have to plump for the bunnies in suits of Richard Amor Allan's 'Alice in Wonderland.' This seems to capture perfectly a surreal humour of which Lewis Carroll would surely have approved.

The pictures contained in this exhibition and more information about Willfield Camera Club can be found at http://www.willfieldcameraclub.co.uk/

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  1. Hi - one of the members of Willfield Camera club came across your blog and shared it on our facebook. Thank you for the lovely blog!