Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The private profit motive has no place in the ownership of much loved green spaces.

North Staffs Green Party has given its support to a petition opposing the possible sale of publicly owned green spaces by Staffordshire County Council.

These could include country parks, picnic sites and areas of outstanding natural beauty, some of which are important to wildlife conservation.

The options on which the county council is consulting include disposing of the sites on the open market, renting the land out for industrial development and a private sector partnership.

The petition, hosted by the campaign group 38 Degrees says that 'each of these sites are hugely valued green spaces,' going on to say they are 'treasured by the local population' as well as visitors from further afield.

It goes on to say ' the loss of these areas of natural beauty would be felt by many and would be irreversible; meaning once these sites are lost from public ownership they may never be returned.'

The petition calls on Staffordshire County Council to 'commit to preserving our natural heritage for the common good' and to 'reject the notion that a private profit motive should play any part in owning much loved green spaces.'

North Staffs Green Party Campaigns Coordinator Adam Colclough said 'supporting petitions campaigns like this goes to the very heart of what the Green Party stands for; protecting our fragile environment for future generations.'

He added that ' we will work with any group that campaigns constructively to protect landscapes that have given pleasure to local people for generations and that play a vital part in preserving threatened wildlife.'

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