Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Debates must cut through the 'smoke and mirrors' of politics

Debates must cut through the 'smoke and mirrors' of politics

North Staffs Green Party PPC for the Stoke Central Jan Zablocki says this week’s debates must 'cut through the smoke and mirrors' that surrounds politics.

Mr Zablocki will be participating in the debates to be held at the Jubilee Hall on Thursday night and at the Science Block at Staffordshire University on Friday evening.

A long -time activist for the Communications Workers Union he has put defending worker’s rights and speaking up for local people at the heart of his campaign.

He has also been leading the fight for a replacement visitor’s centre at Park Hall Country Park in the Weston Coyney council ward where he is also standing as a candidate.

Speaking about his priorities for the forthcoming debates Mr Zablocki said he hoped the debates would ‘provide an opportunity for people to see through the smoke and mirrors of politics and expose the real difference between the Green Party’s policies and those of the three main parties who have got us into such a mess.’

He added that he hoped the debates would show ‘young people in particular that they can use the power of their vote to make a difference and change politics in Britain to build a better future for themselves.’

A spokesperson for North Staffs Green Party said their ‘inclusion in local and national debates shows the party’s phenomenal growth in standing and influence and that ‘Jan is an eloquent speaker who will give as good as he gets on stage.’

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